Raging Out of Control, the US Government

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Greetings everyone:
                             Dr. Benjamin Franklin advised the woman who asked
him what kind of nation had been wrought, “A Republic Madam, if you
can hang onto it”. Well frineds we haven’t hung onto it; our nation
has gone through a cstharsis ranging from the descriptive title
Constitutional Republic, to a Meddling, over Regulated Democracy on
the twin constructive road to Communism or Totalitarian Despotism.    We the People have missplaced the real intents of our Continental
Congress and allowd our government to grow “Out of Control”, meddling
daily in the affairs of other nations despotic as they all are and
looking for someone to Rob or Invade by uncontrolled Immigration.     US Politicians at every level, Local, State and Federal have
overwhelmed the American Public with controlling tid bits
of “Gimmies” to outright Bribery in an ever-growing. ever fattening
more powerful Autocracy, masqueraded as “Law and Order” which has
abandoned the freedom of the People to even defend themselves
personally, to an “Over Respect” for an ever-tightening Noose around
the necks of US Citizens, whom they now seek to “Disarm” in the name
of Public Order.

    Unhappily, there is just One Cure to this situation and that is, “A
Voter Rebellion’, UN-ELECT everry sitting Politician, at every level
of government Local, State and Federal; abolish their personal perks
which they have voted themselves at the Public Trough and Re-
Institute the Principles our nation began with.

     Public Prosecutors at every level have given us a nightmare
of “over Protective, over populated Prisons” loaded with people who
now seek vengeance for “Unjust Convictions” and Over Regulated Lives
to the point of Despotism.

    Recently the FBI has been fined over a million and a half dollars
for “Framing Four Men into Prison” and they continue along that road
with impunity, while the US Public Taxpayer coffers pay their Bill
for Corrupt Practices.

    The 2008 General Election will send one of two messages to US Civil
Government: 1. Keep it up or 2. Halt and Return to the intents of
the Founding Fathers that Government will be For the People, By the
People and Of the People. Its your hard choice, make it or live under
a tyranny of autocratic despotism, accented by an over-aggrandized
Supreme Court that is itself knee deep in this almighty mess
of “self -interested politicians”, nationwide!


prof. John Booker


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