Islam’s Real Academic History

    Americans who have invited Islamic Belief sysem practitioners to immigrate to the USA have no idea what they have invited to our shores.  Now thousands of these UN-civilized foreigners are amongst us, and in-between our social fabric.  

 prof. John Booker


Greetings Everyone:
                             Although I am retired from the military, I
consider it my Citizen’s duty to maintain a soldier’s view in
defending the USA. It is the present Administration’s policy to say
that Islam is a Religion of Peace…yet we all know this to be a
flat lie…
    Not only have ALL Religions Had Periods of Despotic expansion,
Practice, horrible acts of Barbarism, but only in the 19th Century
have Some become Pacified with a trace of Civilized Behavior. This
pacification has come at the Insistance of Progressing Civilization
and nothing else. Islam is the youngest of all religions, coming
into existence in the 600th – 700th year of the AD Period.
      Islam wasn’t even in existence when the problem began in the years Ishmael was denied the Chief’s title in the tribes of Abraham the Heberew. He was denied the title in order that the Character and Belief System of Hebrews not change to that of the Nubian pantheon and their chief god, (diety) Tar-ah thak ‘Hero of Darkness’ (circa 2800 BCE)
    Centuries ago before AD 600-700 (Mohammed’s Time) those known
as Desert Tribes,(Arabs) became unified through intermarriages so
that they were hybrids of at least 8 different regions…and part of
their genetic lines contained only Minute Elements of the Hebrew
bloodline, through Ishmael Abraham’s older son, Lot, Abraham’s
Nephew that fled to Canaan after the cataclysimic eruption that
burned the mining towns of Sodom & Gomorrah, and Esau the brother of
Jacob who was later called Israel and the father of all the 12 Tribes of

   Mohammed was an orphan with no future in sight, so he began to
mull over the miserable condition of all Arabs, (Ishmaelites)
Nomads, Caravan Operators and Townspeople that supported the
Caravans by buying goods and Giving Services to the caravan traders.
One of the Services given to Caravan People was the opportunity to
Worship their pantheon of Gods, (Idols)

    The Kabaa was then called ‘Hagar’s House’ in honor of Ishmael…
The ancient times Patriarch of all those who were of the Desert
Tribes..that worshipped the pantheon of Mesopotamia. i.e. The sect
of Allah, the Moon God…and his daughters the stars.

   Mohammed was an epileptic that had fits or ‘seizures’ that left
him sure that the had been contacted by a god, and he noted that the
Jews & Christians lived well in the desert and everywhere else… he
postulated that if his people became Monotheists (worshipping one
god) that they might live Better by Converting to Judaic or
Christian ways.

    This meant they had to give up all their Idols….soooo he
smashed every Idol in the Kabaa… except one, ‘Allah’. This act by
Mohammed infuriated the people of Mecca, because the Caravans would
leave no more Tithes to the Gods in the Kabaa. (Which were collected
by pagan clerics and the town council)

   Both the Judaics & the Christians had rejected Mohammed’s
entreaties for acceptance….so now he invented his own religion,
claiming that He Mohammed, was the last Messenger of God….Allah, but he then falsly connected his new religion to Judaism…and claimed Abraham
was their patriarch through Ishmael…who worshipped the Nubian
pagan diety, ‘Tar-ah-thak!

    Islam is indeed a pagan false religion…invented by a fanatic, foaming
a the mouth epileptic, who Postulated his new Belief System through Conquest and the edge of his sword. Mohammed claimed to the sucessor to all the prophets of Judaism & Christianity. (As the Last Messenger of God, he could incorporate the Culture & Religion of the Hebrews without having to invent his own Creation story)  

    He simply Moved his newly Invented Religion to Cover the Creation Story of Adam & Eve…and he accepted the Laws of Moses as his own.

   In the 7th century the Islamics Invaded North Africa and Southern
Europe, converting everyone who would submit, by the Edge of his
Sword. Yeah folks, Islam must be a Religion of Peace, eh?


John Booker


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